Day 26: Your Recently Finished Kdrama

The final drama I picked up last year — and the first one I completed when I rang in the new year — was Tree With Deep Roots. I picked it up because I’ve been hearing about Song Joong Ki‘s and Han Suk Kyu‘s awesome acting for months. After finishing the drama, I can now agree with the masses and say that their acting combined was freaking amazing. Song Joong Ki needs his own leading role, stat. Ahem, drama gods. I think it’s your call to make that happen! 

While I thought that the PD went a little crazy with the story near the end, especially how everything became overdramatic without a thematic sense of purpose, I still thoroughly enjoyed this drama. I must add, however, that I watched this not for Jang Hyuk or Shin Se Kyung, but for the men above. I wasn’t particularly enthralled with the romance, but intrigued with all the politics and fictional historical events presented in the drama.

Politics, as you may all know, is intense. I was fascinated with this world where those who have the most power and wit reign supreme. What I’ll remember the most from this drama, besides the acting, is the dialogues and conversations between characters about social classes and good vs. evil. In this drama, the most dangerous weapon wasn’t a sharp sword; it was a sharp tongue.

Photos credited to SBS’s TWDR page


4 thoughts on “Day 26: Your Recently Finished Kdrama

  1. Aigoo, yet another person raving about Tree With Deep Roots. I will watch it one of these days, 24 episodes be damned 🙂

    Hmmm, the one I’ve finished latest is Vampire Prosecutor two weeks ago, and it still has a death grip on my heart. It started off smart and intense and sexy, and just kept getting better all the way. That finale, oh my god. At least we get a second season. Happy New Year, Dodo!

  2. The Princess’s Man! So much awesome. And so many tears, from someone who has only cried for fiction twice before.

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