Jung Ryeo Won in Harper’s Bazaar

Actress Jung Ryeo Won is currently starring in the Monday-Tuesday drama, History of the Salaryman, which just premiered a few days ago and is off to a good start with its wacky, offbeat storyline. Jung plays the spoiled, brazen granddaughter of a big pharmaceutical corporation. And in a span of ten seconds, was probably most remembered for her foul language and temper.

I’m really enjoying her active presence in the drama, though I admit she’s bordering on vexatious for me. I don’t consider Jung Ryeo Won a great actress, finding her rather lackluster based off of her past projects. It’s then quite refreshing to see her deviate from her past roles and play a heroine that’s not likable from the outset. However difficult it is to root for her now, when we all know she’s a total witch, we can be assured to see a gradual personality makeover somewhere along in the future.

Speaking of makeovers, I don’t think the fiery red hair suits her in the drama, for I much prefer her with black hair just like in this photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar. While there’s not much color in the outfits she’s modeling, nor is her face covered with much makeup, she somehow still looks sophisticated. You really can’t go wrong with the color black in clothing, which will forever remain a classy color. I think it’d be almost impossible to screw that up.

Here’s the rest of the stills from the shoot. Meanwhile, you can find Jung on your small screens every Monday and Tuesday night, on SBS.

Photo Sources: Newsen and naver


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