YouTube Highlight of the Day: Manzzang singing in What’s Up Episode 8

I love it when a drama blows me away, but what’s even better is when an actor or actress gives a chilling performance that sends tingles up my spine. I’m currently watching the cable drama What’s Up, and find it to be enjoyable. While I think that the overall acting performances from this cast is better than that of Dream High, I don’t know which drama’s story I like better. Both are solid, with a sense of mystery intertwined with the cutesy stuff.

I’m lovin’ Lim Ju Hwan as our adorable and sometimes badass hero, but it’s really Oh Man Seok as the newly transformed professor that I’ve got my eyes set on. It doesn’t help that his new hairdo in episode 8 made me squeeeeee like a little fangirl!  (Which resulted with Dahee Fanel sending me her evil eyes but who’s actually noting that down? Not I!)What a wonder a small haircut and a change of clothes an do to a man. But that’s not what really killed me in episode 8 of What’s Up.

It was this:↓


Yup, that’s right. Oh Man Seok sings! He actually started his acting career doing musical theater before branching out to dramas and movies.  I hope he sings more in the drama — no, I need him to sing more because his voice is absolutely heavenly to listen to!


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