History of the Salaryman Episode 3 preview and stills

Yay! New stills for tomorrow’s episode is out! Looks like Hang Woo’s Big Scheme is moving quite nicely, as his plan to ruin Chairman Jin comes to a full circle. Of course, it wouldn’t be unusual if Bang interferes, even if he does do so obliviously.

Here’s the link to the HOTS episode 3 preview (Sorry, I couldn’t find a youtube source for the preview, so I could only link you guys to HOTS’s official website.)

Preview recap:

Woo Hee wakes up the next morning and is shocked to find herself in bed, with a half naked Hang Woo! A remote in hand, she tells him she doesn’t want to ever see him again, and he asks, “Why not?” Heh. There’s a bloody gash on his forehead, too. Attention to all ladies: A remote controller can serve as a nice, handy weapon if you ever find yourself caught in a similar situation!

For the next few days, Hang Woo actively pursues her — most likely to monitor her every move and/or to win her trust for his Big Scheme, but she doesn’t know that, of course. During a phone conversation, she wants to know why he’s so intent on following her. “Are you a stalker? Or someone who doesn’t have a life?” Hang Woo incredulously shouts back, “What, a stalker? Someone who has no life?”

Meanwhile, Yoo Bang greets everyone as he enters the company as a full-time employee. Chairman Jin and his executive subordinates step into the company doors, and everyone bows in respect. Ho Hae recognizes Yoo Bang as he walks by, the latter which shows off his company ID card. Beom Jeong instructs Beon Kwae to have Bang in charge of Yeo Chi from now on. If Yeo Chi causes trouble within the company, Bang will be held responsible and fired on the spot.

Next thing we see is Yeo Chi slapping Bang, and Bang carrying her across his shoulders, despite her protests, into the team’s office (with one hand!) She shrieks, “Put me down! Put me down!” Once she’s at her desk, she says, “All right, it’s on. Let’s see how far you can go.” Cut to another scene, where Yeo Chi is talking on the phone with customers. “Who the hell are you? I’m pooping right now!”

Woo Hee discovers that a vial is missing. At the hospital, Chairman Jin tells his team, “It’s over! We’re finished! Find that missing vial no matter what!” Yeo Chi happens to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Hang Woo’s at the place where the trials were held, ready to destroy the grounds. Woo Hee is tied up, with tape across her mouth, and thrown into a room by Hang Woo, now masked. Hang Woo says in voiceover, “Jin Shin Hwang, now your dreams will never come true.” Just as Hang Woo is about to light the place on fire, Bang’s hand stops him. We end with a stare down between the two men.


Eeee! I’m so excited! It’s going to be epic, everyone, I just know it! *knocks on wood*

Check out a few more stills below.

Photo credits: Naver


5 thoughts on “History of the Salaryman Episode 3 preview and stills

  1. Ahhh.. I really don’t want Hang Woo to be a full-on antagonist. 😦 But it looks like it?

    Even if you wanna destroy President Jin, pls no, don’t kill or sacrifice anyone (here Woo Hee).

    • Yup, looks like Hang Woo’s gonna be an antagonist alright, but I don’t know if he’ll be 100% evil. After all, we see some cute moments between him and Woo Hee from the previews!

  2. Um, half-naked JKW? Yes, please! Why is she insane enough to hit him with a remote?!? I’d totally be doing other things if I woke up with him in my bedroom. I might try to contain myself for your sake, beloved dongsaeng…but I’m not known for my incredible self-control. ^_~

  3. I love HotS so far! It’s got a wonderful blend of action, angst, humor, and integrity. The writers and the directors do not fail to deliver once again.

    On a completely shallow note, JKW and HSH look really, really good together. Like, REALLY good together. I’m seeing magazine editorials whenever they’re on screen together.

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