Dream High 2 releases its first trailer

With only a few weeks to go before its premiere, KBS’s Dream High 2 released its first teaser today. While I’ve been keeping my expectatioins for this drama fairly low, seeing as how this is the second season of a musical drama — and how many of those have we seen already and will continue be seen throughout 2012? — this trailer was surprisingly enough for me to up my anticipation. I can’t guarantee that this won’t be a dud, but I can say that it looks like Dream High 2 will be just as fun as its predecessor!

Above is a shot of 2AM’s Jinwoon, who plays an aspiring rock star in the drama. I don’t know much about his acting skills, which I assume will be that of an amateur’s, but I absolutely love his voice. Have you heard any of 2AM’s songs? No? Google them. Right now.

Meanwhile, take a look at the first teaser! There’s not much going on in the teaser besides an introduction to the main female cast cast. We’re introduced to the awesome and always sexy ahjusshi Kim Jung Tae first, followed by T-ara’s Ji Yeon, SISTAR’S Hyo Rin, and finally, actress Kang So Ra.

Here’s additional stills of Jinwoon and Kang So Ra filming on set.

The drama is set to air on January 30th on KBS.

Photo Credits: Sports Chosun and Naver


7 thoughts on “Dream High 2 releases its first trailer

      • Oh yes I did. I don’t care if he’s an ahjussi – he was badass. Well, the whole thing was awesome, but secretly I think he was the best thing in it.

        • I totally agree! I think Kim Jung Tae is enough for me to check out Dream High 2, which I wasn’t looking forward to before. The skeptical part of me wants to dial down my expectations, especially since the main cast includes mostly idols, but hey, who says it won’t be awesome?

  1. I was convinced to check on this because of Kang Sora, but, now, with KJT it’s a must check drama!
    Talking about Sora… did you watch Sunny? If you didn’t, go and do it , now! It’s really lovable and it has the most badass girls group ever!

  2. Kim Jung Tae is why I am definitely tuning in 🙂 I love him ❤ Also, I adore 2AM and T-ara so… they are pluses. I enjoyed Kang So Ra in Sunny as well. I hope this series is just as cracktastic, but at the same time, I am trying to keep my expectations low.

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