Joo Ji Hoon steps down from upcoming musical, Dr. Zhivago

KeyEast suddenly announced today that Joo Ji Hoon will be stepping down from Dr. Zhivago due to health issues. In preparation for the upcoming musical, which was scheduled to premiere later this month, Joo vigorously rehearsed for over a month. Unfortunately, he damaged his vocal cords from too much rehearsing. Even though he continued to practice while he sought treatment, doctors eventually ordered him to stop all singing activities, for fear that he’ll further harm his throat.

It was only yesterday that Joo Ji Hoon and the musical’s producers agreed that he should step down from the show. Dr. Zhivago would’ve been his comeback project, after two years of military service. While it’s saddening for fans to hear that they won’t get to see their beloved actor after all, a damaged throat is bad news for an actor, much less a singer. It can cause permanent damage if he doesn’t receive a much-needed and proper rest.

Here’s to hoping for Joo’s swift recovery so he can be casted in another project soon!

News Source and Photo Credit: 10Asia and Newsen


6 thoughts on “Joo Ji Hoon steps down from upcoming musical, Dr. Zhivago

  1. For some reason I’m not buying this explanation. All this came out in just one day? Maybe I have become overly sceptic.

    • I want to believe that he really did damage his vocal cords. I don’t want to overthink it, and didn’t even think about the remote possibility that there was another reason. I don’t see what the production team or Joo Ji Hoon and his agency has to gain from this, and doubt that any shenanigans are going on.

  2. Same here… Most likely he was asked to step down…but in a “acceptable health issue way”… Penance for the “crime” is still ongoing………………………………..

    • Uhh….I think you’re jumping to conclusions here. Considering how much Joo Ji Hoon wanted to star in this play and that they were only WEEKS away to its premiere, I doubt he was let go because of his “past crimes,” who no one really cares about anyway. I mean, it doesn’t benefit anyone that he had to step down and I bet the crew was scrambling to find someone to replace him with the understudy. I mean, damaged vocal cords is something very serious indeed, and it might takes months of treatment before he can be fully recovered.

      • The skeptic in me is overly talkative sometimes. So in a few months we can expect him rested and in a theater/drama /movie 🙂
        That is- if that skeptic in me is not jumping to high on conclusions… probably not…no…

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