Joo Ji Hoon is a little ridiculous for GQ Korea

Um. So. I simply have no words for this photo shoot. It’s absolutely bizarre, but since this is probably the first photo shoot that Joo Ji Hoon is featured in since his military dischargement, I thought that I should post something about it. And ask y’all what the heck the people in charge were thinking. I mean, the concept for it is called “Old Boy,” but I don’t think these photos have anything to do with the theme.

Friend: Ewww he’s wearing daisy dukes! I don’t see how this fits with the concept, unless he turned gay in the military or something.

Me: Bwahahahahaha!

Perhaps GQ is aiming for something quirky, but it’s definitely not very flattering. I remember their Song Joong Ki photo shoot a while ago, and it was just as weird, if not weirder. Anyway, enjoy the photos, even if they’re very strange.

O_O What are you searching for, Joo Ji Hoon?

Photo Credit: GQ Korea


23 thoughts on “Joo Ji Hoon is a little ridiculous for GQ Korea

  1. What the WHUT? O_o
    It looks more like self-shot amateur photo shoot done by a high schooler for his blog rather than a professional one for a magazine.

    • Thank you! Took the words out of my mouth. I love this guy but why oh why (after everything) would you allow pictures to be released in which you look high?

    • LOL. I think the photographers and concept-makers for GQ Korea need to be fired. Or maybe they should stop smoking so much, ’cause it’s sort of distorting their creativity.

  2. O.o … To comment or not to comment. Bum half on fence, bum half off fence. That was my dilemma upon seeing the pics. Truly, no comment on the supposedly professionally shot to look like candid amateur photos (kudos for succeeding, really.).

    I do have something I wish to ask: Where are the military-issue abs???

    • THAT was my 1st question too! Where are the ABS after military??!! We saw LDW’s…OMG, sooooo HOT!! …but JJH’s seem to be missing…

      This is a horrendous photoshoot…I demand a do-over! LOL

  3. This is so not cool!!! Sometimes magazine pictures are hits or misses and this one fer sure is a real MISSED! Someone at GQ has got to go…
    Sorry dude but this is not a great comeback pictures of JJH…

  4. I love Joo ji hoon..,he is my ideal for what is a good looking korean man should look like but this is totally driving me nuts.To hell with the stylist,photographer n everybody in-charge with this shoot..what were you thinking!!!!You have ruined such a beautiful specimen of a man(just for this ludicrous shoot)!

  5. I’ll say, what IS he searching for? (Second photo)
    Also, I thought the last photo looked the least weird, but it doesn’t look ‘professional’ if you know what I mean.

  6. The people responsible for this photo shoot should be embarrass. The pictures are absolutely horrendous and amateurish. GQ Korea needs to hire people with talent.


  8. The last photo is the least weird. Why do they do this? They don’t make the women look crazy but they sure do mess up good men in their photos. I was hoping he would have a snazzy comeback and this is not it. Makes you wonder if they called him for this one because they know it will be hard for him to find work right away….SMH Still love him though

  9. These photos look like he just left a concentration camp. Why is he so thin. Why are the Korean press and netizens harrassing him so much. Hurry up and eat JiHoon. Welcome back.

  10. One of the things that attracts me most in Ji Hoon in relation to the physical aspect, is not only the fact he is so handsome but much more than this for me is his finesse, his natural elegance. It seems that anything he wears suits him very well. Well, so far that’s what I thought. GQ managed to transform an icon of masculinity and elegance into a cheap gay figure, badly dressed and badly placed. Sometimes the concern with the concept loses the sense of the ridiculous.

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