First poster for Dream High 2 is out!

Top (from left to right): Hyo Rin, JB, Park Seo Joon, and Ji Yeon

Bottom: (left to right): Jinwoon and Kang Sora

Finally! So that’s the whole cast of Dream High 2! For the longest time, the other two male leads in this upcoming KBS drama were kept a secret as if they were secret members of the mafia or something. With the drama inching closer to its premiere date, the other two characters for the show have been revealed! And I say, hip hip hooray! I’ll try to dial my expectations down a notch, but a part of me is ready to sing along when there’s a dance battle breakout!

The drama premieres on January 30th on KBS, following Brain.


7 thoughts on “First poster for Dream High 2 is out!

    • Omg, you’re SO fast! I just hit the published button, refreshed, and viola, I see your comment!

      Hmm, I guess he sorta looks like JKW in that poster above. But my ILU’s still hotter. 😀

          • Agreed. School should BURN. I just started on Monday and it feels like the longest week I’ve ever had. I so so want to start HoTS but I just don’t have the time.T.T I’m saving it up for later.

        • We can comfort each other, then. T___T

          It’s okay if you’re going to save it and watch it later because we’ll know by the end of its run whether it’s a good drama overall, or one that got our hopes up for nothing. I’m hoping it’s the former.

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