History of the Salaryman Episode 3 Recap

If there’s two things I love in my dramas, it’s witty dialogue and adorableness. And there’s plenty of both in this episode! Bang is our reluctant hero who saves the day, yet it’s his reluctance that makes him all the more endearing. He’s no Superman or Batman, but he’s inarguably a good man that we all love. (Pun intended.)

I’m not sure how long I can continue recapping this sucker because of all my current real-life duties. My schedule’s so hectic at this point I can’t even sit still and write without multi-tasking. I’ll definitely finish this recapping project, but I may have to put it on hold for now. Or release recaps sporadically based on my weekly schedule. As I’m sure you all know, you can find faster recaps at another site. Oh, and just so we’re clear, I’m not writing these recaps necessarily for viewers — though I love y’all very much — but because my love for this drama motivates me to want to talk about it. And talk about it I shall. Until further notice. 🙂


Bang asks Hang Woo, “If seventeen people hit you three times, how many times total will you be hit?” Without skipping a beat, Hang Woo answers, “51,” while Bang’s legs are lifted in mid-air, ready for action. Heh. Hang Woo’s unimpressed with his tricks, telling him to bring. it. on! And Bang does, swiftly crushing his testicles with a kick. Before Bang can cause further damage, Han Shin stuns him from behind.

Without Bang to stop him, Hang Woo takes Woo Hee to a hotel room. Still under the drug’s influence, which we find out is akin to a truth serum through a quick flashback of a conversation between Hang Woo and his hyung, Woo Hee undergoes interrogation. She’s first asked her name and occupation, which she answers truthfully. When Hang Woo asks about the passcode to the secret drug storage room, she sends him a scathing look for using banmal (informal language) with her!


Then, she gets this expression on her face we all know too well! Hang Woo recognizes that look too and pleads, “You can’t vomit! That was the only drug! Tell me the password before you vomit!” Hahaha!


Han Shin tells a now-awakened Bang that he has to ignore Woo Hee’s kidnapping due to national reasons, since after all, an order is an order. Bang gets a call from Beon Kwae and is ready to report the kidnapping, when Han warns that if he defies orders, he’ll be kicked out of Chun Ha. So he keeps his mouth shut and lies, doing as he’s told.

Woo Hee wakes up the next morning in an unfamiliar room, dressed in only a bathrobe. She pretends to be asleep when Hang Woo emerges from the shower, and with his back faced to her, hurls a flowerpot over his head. She thinks he’s a sleazy scumbag she just had a one-night stand with, and even checks his phone to make sure he didn’t snap some photos of them getting it on. Hang Woo reminds her that he’s number twenty-two from the trial experiment, and that he had saved her in her drunken state last night.


He’s also entered his number into her phone as “King Kong.” Woo Hee doesn’t want to see him ever again, and Hang Woo innocently asks, “Why? Why wouldn’t you want to see me ever again?” Woo Hee only tells him to leave his account number so she can repay him for the hotel room, and storms off. Okay, that’s it! Screw the Big Scheme, ’cause I’m voting for these two to get together immediately and start making babies!


At work, the Chairman arrives with his execs in tow, while all of the employees, including Bang, rush to wish him good morning and a long life. Ho Hae recognizes Bang as he passes by, and learns from Beom Jeong that he scored the highest on Chun Ha’s entrance exam.

Though we don’t see it, Ho Hae must’ve explained his past dealings with Bang to Beom Jeong, who privately orders Bang’s manager to find a way to sack him. Their grand plan? Get Bang to deal with Yeo Chi and when he’s so sick of her diva-ness, he’ll resign himself.


Bang receives his order and arrives at Yeo Chi’s doorsteps unannounced. With his job on the line, he gives her an ultimatum — get dressed in ten minutes or else. Guess she didn’t take him seriously, because carriers her over his shoulders into the office, hair rollers and toe separators and all. Love that she’s swearing so much that all we hear are consecutive censors in this scene! He dumps her right into her chair and is slapped in return.

“Why, are you pissed? Lower your eyes!” He does. “Where are you staring at, you pervert!” “You told me to lower my eyes!” Hahahaha! Since she was dragged to work against her will, Yeo Chi declares war against everybody.

Manager Beon Kwae reports back to Beom Jeong that Yeo Chi has decided to work. Beom Jeong is completely skeptical and can’t believe his ears. What, Yeo Chi doing work? It’s inconceivable!


Well, Yeo Chi is doing work all right, but “work” equals creating havoc in the strategy division room. She takes a call and is so disrespectful — albeit hilarious — that she sends the guy on the other line reeling. For instance, she tells the person that the director he’s looking for is taking a dump in the bathroom and uses banmal, which raises the caller’s ire. Yeo Chi, when told to stay in her seat and not move, she replies in kind, “I can’t move? But I need to pick my nose!” LOL!

Another caller from New York calls to finalize an investment contract, but is told that the contract is void and that the person in charge of the project died. Yeo Chi curses the man goodbye. But she’s not done yet! She snatches a worker’s only copy of Chun Ha’s budget and planning report, promising to take it to the Chairman himself for approval. Only once it’s in her hands, she takes it to the paper shredder, gaily announcing,  “That was so cool!”


The chairman is notified of Yeo Chi’s misconduct. Because of her actions, the company lost two important contracts and more than ten employees had to write written apologies to the people she mistreated. It doesn’t sit well with Chairman Jin that his granddaughter is wrecking the company.

Meanwhile, poor Bang is punished by his manager for not being able to handle Yeo Chi. He’s almost fired on the spot but another employee comes rushing by to say that Yeo Chi is causing trouble in the worker’s cafeteria.


Yeo Chi has hired the hotel’s top chef to cook her meal, accompanied by classical music on the side. Bang invites himself to her table, and asks if she wants to get him fired. He tries to reason with her, wanting to establish some common ground between them so both can benefit.

Bang: “How about we settle on not causing bloodshed?”
Yeo Chi: “For a steak, it needs to gush out a little blood for it to taste right.”

Their bantering is interrupted by Secretary Gabi, who’s there to summon Yeo Chi to the chairman.


In this conversation with her grandfather, we find out why Yeo Chi is so intent on rebelling against him. She blames him for the death of her parents, and while he didn’t have a hand in their deaths — dad committed suicide and mom died in a drunk driving accident — he did tell them to leave and die.

Yeo Chi can’t forgive him for treating her father less than a human because the chairman had deemed him incompetent and a failure in the company. Chairman Jin is unrepentant and unapologetic; he had let the couple marry each other because they loved one another, and had allowed her father enter into the company. Her father was the one who couldn’t endure and died the chairman argues. All he did was for the sake of saving his company. Which is exactly the reason why Yeo Chi hates the company so much.

Her grandfather urges her to take revenge on him if she is able, telling her to snatch the company that he loves so much from his hands. He doesn’t think she’ll be able to do it, since she’s the daughter of “that weak, incompetent fool.” Yeo Chi leaves, promising to make him remember his words, which is when Chairman Jin slumps to the floor. Ooh, you’re going to get it now, Gramps!


Woo Hee discovers that one of the vials is missing and is sent into a state of panic. Her supervisor prevents her from notifying the company because they were the only ones who knew about the entry passcode, knowing they would immediately be blamed. While they’re in the midst of figuring out how they’ll solve this conundrum and therefore save their careers, Woo Hee gets a call from “King Kong” — aka Hang Woo. But she promptly ignores it. Atta girl! Gotta make him run after you! 🙂

Hang Woo is taken aback that Woo Hee keeps ignoring his calls, jarred since he’s never been this way by women. I love how he jumps to the conclusion that there must be something physically or mentally wrong with her. He tells Han Shin, “Girls always come to me by the third try, so don’t worry.” Han Shin is only too happy to report that it’s Hang Woo’s second attempt already. They’re interrupted Chairman Oh, who’s there to invite Hang Woo to a friendly gambling session with Chairman Jin.


The two rivals decide to battle it out and lay down high stakes. Nope, it’s not money they’re wagering, but the deeds to their properties, golf memberships, and high-tech toy.  Sigh. I wish I had that kind of money.

Chairman Jin eventually comes out the winner and gets to claim all those deeds himself. The usually even-tempered Gabi is gone as we see her cheering and jumping, happy with the win.

Woo Hee gets a jewel necklace in the mail from “King Kong” and calls Hang Woo upon receiving it. The necklace is actually another cool spy gadget that Hang Ryang gave to his brother, with a hidden camera planted inside the jewelry. Woo Hee thinks it’s a knock-off and makes such a big deal about it that Hang Woo becomes genuinely upset. He tells her to throw it away or keep it — he doesn’t care.

But when he steps back into the Love Goods van, Han Shin tells him that Operation Spy Necklace was successful. The two look to the screens and see Woo Hee admiring herself in the mirror. Score, third time’s the charm! I love that Hang Woo unknowingly appealed to Woo Hee’s vanity, because while gifts aren’t always the fastest way into a woman’s heart, perhaps it’s the quickest route into Woo Hee’s.

Both men can now see everything that Woo Hee sees. Before long, they see her entering the passcode to the storage vault and Hang Woo smiles. “Cha Woo Hee, you’re the first woman to make my heart flutter.” Hey, didja all hear that? Even though he said it because everything’s going according to plan, I can’t help but squeeeeeee!


Bang is relieved of his duties when Yeo Chi gets off work and receives a call from Han Shin to steal his manager’s access pass to the experiment facility. He secretly reaches into Beon Kwae’s drawer to steal the entrance badge when his manager stops him — what is he doing, trying to leave work first when he should leave last? Whew, nice save. Thankfully, his manager catch on to anything.

Bang meets with Han Shin to hand over the badge, but gets a little suspicious of Han. He’s hesitant to relinquish the pass, saying that if the NIS is planning to steal the new drug, then he’ll be in danger of losing his job. However, in the name of patriotism, he eventually gives the badge to Han, who takes it straight to Hang Woo.

Hang Woo plans to infiltrate Chun Ha’s research lab himself, since he knows the layout of the building best. Han states the obvious — if he’s caught, he’ll end up behind bars. Hang Woo: “I don’t start thinking that I’ll fail! Because that never helps.”


Beon Kwae is instructed to continue watching for any possible suspicious activities within Chun Ha. He drags Bang with him because he wasn’t given an investigative team by the higher-ups. Since Bang’s the new employee on probation and all, he’s the lucky winner who gets to tag along. The two keep an eye out on Woo Hee, who’s buying something in a convenience store when she realizes she left behind her necklace at the lab. When she heads off back to the research lab, Bang is ordered to tail her.

Simultaneously, Hang Woo has entered the facility, thanks to the ID card Bang snagged for him. He manages to get on Woo Hee’s computer and steal all her secret files when Woo Hee arrives. After a few consecutive near-misses, where Woo Hee follows Hang Woo only to arrive moments after him, she enters the storage vault. But it’s too late because all the vials are stolen. Woo Hee’s tied up and thrown into a storage room by a now masked Hang Woo. He promises to untie her later, after he’s finished with his business.


He starts spraying liquid explosives, ready to set the whole place on fire when he’s stopped abruptly by a hand. It’s Bang, who had followed Woo Hee into the lab. They get into a fight, each struggling to get a hold of the lighter in Hang Woo’s hand. However, the lighter is eventually tossed into the air, and the whole place begins to light up.


His work done, Hang Woo kicks Bang and sets off to leave when the latter tears the bag, which contained all of the vials and Woo Hee’s top secret files, off Hang Woo’s shoulders. The bag slides off onto the floor, and Hang Woo tries to save it, clinging to the straps before he’s finally forced to let go because his arm caught on fire. The bag falls onto the floor, where it burns, destroying everything inside of it.


The two men continue to wrestle and fight, with Bang determined to not let this intruder get away. In the midst of their fight, Bang recognizes that it’s his bunkmate, number twenty-two! He tries to reach for Hang Woo’s mask, but Hang Woo runs away leaving Bang behind.

He hears the cries of someone in distress, and is off to save the day. He attempts to resuscitate her by giving her CPR (even telling her unconscious self that he has no ulterior motives for doing it), only to flee from the site as the fire rages on. The building explodes behind him and my heart swells at the pretty lights from the blazing fire. So prettay!

Hang Woo’s wound is immediately treated by Han Shin. He’s extremely irritated, bemoaning the fact that their spy had thwarted their plans not once, but twice! Now because of Bang, billions of dollars are lost! Meanwhile, Woo Hee is taken to a nearby hospital, where Bang asks that the hospital keeps an eye out for any patient with a burn wound.


Chairman Oh is told by Hang Woo that Chun Ha’s research facility has burned to the ground, and that “Eternal Youth” was burned along with it. He’s ready to celebrate upon hearing the news, but Hang Woo advises him to not be too happy just yet. Jang Cho Group needs to push ahead with their own drug research, and only when they succeed against Chun Ha can they celebrate. Then, Hang Woo gets a call — Chairman Jin has collapsed.


At the hospital, Chairman Jin orders Jang Ryang to submit his resignation, as well as all those linked to the BB project. It’s revealed that not all is lost, for one vial was stolen from the storage vault before the facility blew up. If Chun Ha attains the vial, then their research can go on as before. Yeo Chi overhears this last bit and seems to have gotten the gist of the conversation. She doesn’t reveal herself, but continues listening. Interesting. I’m assuming her quest for revenge will come to fruition fairly soon.

In a meeting with Jang Ryang and Beon Kwae over the arsonist, Bang discovers that his bunkmate is the general director of Jang Cho Group.


With this new piece of information, Bang wastes no time and heads over to Jang Cho’s office building. He sees Hang Woo and boldly approaches him. He pretends to cup his hands over Hang Woo’s face, as if to recreate the mask. Bang declares, “Your face already tells me. You set the fire, right?

Before Hang Woo can deny the accusation, Bang grips his arm tightly. Even though Hang Woo doesn’t give it away that he’s in pain, Bang knows that he’s the wanted arsonist.


How fitting that episode 3 should end almost exactly like episode 2, except now there are higher stakes and our hero is no longer the bumbling simpleton he once was earlier in the story. I had mentioned in my last recap that I was worried Bang would be kept in the dark for too long. I’m glad my fears were unfounded because Bang proves himself to be quite capable of catching quickly onto Hang Woo’s schemes. He’s got almost all the pieces to the puzzle, and it’s up to him to figure out where to place all the pieces.

This episode breezed by swiftly for me, not because there wasn’t enough meaty plot but rather I was so swept up with all the characters that I lost track of time. I love that all these characters seem to be more than what meets the eye, because beneath the facade lies an abundant depth that makes them so human and relatable. Take Yeo Chi, for example. She’s seen as this biatchy shrew who causes her grandfather much heartache, yet once we’re given her backstory and her reasons for going against him, we can easily empathize with her. Speaking of Yeo Chi, I love that she’s entered into the whole revenge game. Grandpa really dug himself a big hole when he underestimated her and exclaimed that she’ll never beat him. Because if I were to place a bet between Gramps or Yeo Chi, I’d place my bets on her.

It’s rare when I find myself falling in love with the main and supporting leads. I thank the heavens that the writers treat us as intelligent viewers, and that they don’t resort to typical Kdrama tropes. At least not yet. Their characters are fresh and fun, with no Noble Idiot and aloof Mr. Darcy in sight. I can see how Hang Woo and Woo Hee are suited for each other, while Bang and Yeo Chi also complement one another. I’m not sure if there’s really a love triangle to begin with, but it’s nice to know that even with so much shenanigans going on between Jang Cho and Chun Ha, love will find its way to all our characters. Am I excited for what this drama will bring? Oh, heck to the yeah!

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  1. *_* JGW after the shower ..(remind me the good time of Dr champ)…
    This drama is so fresh ! thanks for the recap ! so precious !!

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