A fun and playful Yoon Jin Seo for Cosmpolitan

I’m in love with this photo shoot — lovelovelove! The bold, vibrant colors featured in this pictorial absolutely matches Yoon Jin Seo‘s delightful personality. Like I said before, in another post, the more I look at Yoon, the more beautiful she becomes. She may not fit the Korean standard of beauty, but whenever she’s present — a movie, drama, commercial, etc. — she’s illuminating.

She’s set to star in an upcoming tvN drama called Twelve Men in a Year. Her character realizes that she’s turning thirty and frantically begins trying to find Mr. Right. To solve her midlife crisis, and as the title of the drama suggests, she starts dating twelve men in one year. Her co-star and ultimately her romantic interest is Ohn Joo Wan, who has a complicated relationship with her.

Squeee! Twelve men in a year? That must mean some good cameos from other actors we know, too. Or they could just be no-namers as well. I can’t wait to see Yoon Jin Seo show off her acting chops and comic timing. She’s always very entertaining and endearing in all her dramas, so I’m looking forward to this upcoming rom-com! Hooray, the drama premieres next month, and it’ll have a Wednesday-Thursday timeslot.

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea


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