Song Joong Ki looks huggable for Top Star News

Fact: Apparently I like cute boys that are prettier than me. A friend of mine made this observation recently and commented that the boys I tended to find attractive could pass as girls on Halloween. But hey, I don’t care if my future hubby is prettier than me as long as he’s 100% heterosexual.

What else am I supposed to say about Song Joong Ki without sounding like a broken record? Need I even say that he’s MINE anymore? Even I’m getting tired of MINE’ing him, ’cause let’s face it, he’s got my name written all over him. 😛

It’s at this point in time that I wish he was casted in MoonSun, just so’s I could get free passes to ogle at him some more. It’s obvious he deserves a leading role in a drama and he’s also wonderful in sageuks. Perhaps this will be the year that he’ll get to shine and show off his full-fledged acting chops!



This is my favorite. I want a poster of this on my wall. But even if I can’t get one, I’ve already added this to my computer’s desktop background. Teehee.

Photo Source: Newsen


9 thoughts on “Song Joong Ki looks huggable for Top Star News

  1. I cannot understand why you persist in this unfounded delusion that SJK is YOURS in any way, shape, or form. Because clearly he’s MINE. Duh. 😛

    I do like these pictures. And as I was watching MoonSun ep 7 I was totally thinking how awesome SJK would be. Not that I don’t love KSH, because he’s doing an amazing job – but SJK would totally OWN the role in ways that KSH can’t simply because KSH still looks like he’s 17. Ah, well. Here’s hoping MY SJK does another drama, stat, and in a leading role.

  2. Lol! That is a funny observation about you. It cheered me up as I was down about the other stuff… namely, my k sources drying up. Sigh…

      • I imagine you, me and everyone else with the same obsession. In wondering about alternatives to getting my fix, I considered – albeit only for a nanosecond or however long it takes a thought to zoom by – moving my entire family to South Korea just so I can have my k-dramas. Hahahaha… crazy, I know.

  3. I appreciate the pretty, but I personally can’t have a future hubby who’s TOO pretty. But then again, I would always change my mind for someone like Joong-ki. Gah, I’m just so superficial that way.

    • LOL. I bet that if he was in front of you, you wouldn’t be able to resist him. Heck, if he was in front of ANY of us, we’d probably gravitate towards him anyway.

  4. For some reason I just can’t see SJK’s crazy-adorable face and want him romantically. I love him in that puppy way crossed with huge admiration for his talent. SJK is so awesome. But, I’m not totally against pretty men. Lee Jun Ki is being released on Feb 16 and my heart’s BURSTING!!!! 😀

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