YouTube Highlight of the Day: One Man Phantom of the Opera

Nick Pitera has done it once again with this newest addition to his “One Man Medley” series! He shot to fame years ago when he sang “A Whole New World,” where he was both Aladdin and Jasmine. In this video, he sings a mashup of Phantom of the Opera songs, but here’s the kick — he’s the voice of Christine, Raoul, AND the Phantom. If you ask me, he’s simply amazing and one of the most talented singers on YouTube.

To be honest, I don’t like Phantom of the Opera. *runs away from diehard Phantom fans* Don’t get me wrong, I love the songs in the musical, but I don’t like the story or the romance itself. I watched the movie adaptation of the musical when I was young, and remember running away from the room whenever the Phantom showed up. He frightened me, despite the fact that his voice was loverly. I recall that watching the movie was quite a traumatic experience for my wee self back then, so I was definitely not part of the population who understood the Phantom hype.

I suppose that since I’m a lot older now, I should watch it again because it’s considered a masterpiece and all. But then the whole time and dimensions thing isn’t working out for me right now. Watchoo gonna do? Instead, I’ll just play this brilliant medley on repeat!


3 thoughts on “YouTube Highlight of the Day: One Man Phantom of the Opera

  1. Oh, God I remember reading ze book in my English course to translate pieces afterwards and finding it really weird. But, I love, love, love the whole soundtrack of the theater’s version, it sure was made with perfection. And I just became a follower of Nick Pitera’s videos, he sings better than a lot of male and female popular singers out there! O.O

  2. He is indeed quite talented, but I feel like his “girl voice” has gotten less “girly-sounding” and more just like a guy trying to do falsetto over the years. It’s still good though.

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