Now accepting questions! My faux post.

Edit: No more questions? *sad face* Distract me from my studies, I dare you!

*bangs on gravel* Attention! Atttttttteeeeeeeeeeennnnnttttiiiiooooonnn, people!

Yes, this is a shameless advertising post an announcement dedicated to all the curious lurkers and readers out there that, for a limited time only, I’ll answer any questions concerning myself or this blog. I truly apologize that I’m so inconsistent in my blogging nowadays (not that I was ever consistent to begin with). To make up for that, here’s a formal Q & A session for you guys to ask me anything!

When this blog was first hosted on tumblr, I had a account that gave readers the opportunity to ask me anything. I gave up the account and stopped updating it when I moved this blog to wordpress. I must admit that I miss receiving a wide variety of wonderful questions, all of which were submitted by readers. I’ll try to answer every question I receive, but I might not answer if I have to reveal something too personal from my life. And to make this Q & A session even sweeter, I’ll not only be answering questions on this post, but also on my blog’s twitter. (FYI: Just make sure that your account’s privacy setting is on public so I can read your tweets!)

To start off this first Q & A session, I came up with two questions and answers that some of you may have wanted to ask.

Question: “Do you have two twitter accounts? If so, why?”

Answer: Why yes, I do have two twitter accounts! I have one that’s a private account that I use daily, whereas the other one is public and was created strictly for the purpose to link my twitter to my blog updates. You’re free to follow me on both, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll entertain you on either! 😛

Question: “Why privatize the personal one if you allow other people you don’t know to follow you?”

Answer: It’s because I can control who reads and doesn’t read my tweets. Hence, no random lurkers can read my twitter profile. I talk about my private life a lot on that account, not to mention that it’s also an outlet that allows my drama friends and I to communicate with each other. Therefore I don’t actually accept every “follow” request, though I try to, especially if you’re a Kdrama fan.

How was that for the first Q & A questions? Don’t be afraid to speak up! Last I remembered, I don’t bite. All questions are welcome, but try to keep it somewhat drama-related. Unless there’s a question you’re dying to ask me that’s neither drama-related or personal life-related. I’ll see what I can do. After all, I’m not a philosopher but a Kdrama blogger! You have until the end of February to get all your questions in! This post shall be checked and updated daily! Feel free to submit however many questions as you please! Happy questioning! 🙂


40 thoughts on “Now accepting questions! My faux post.

  1. Oh, pick me pick me! Hmmm, the question I always ask people is, how do they find time to work, study, watch dramas, and blog at the same time? Are you in college? Because if you are, I need to take time management tips from you. And let’s see, what was your first kdrama and the one you have rewatched most? This is so much fun 🙂

    • LOL, the first question is something I often ask my older (and much wiser) blogging friends! The thing is, I don’t think I’m doing a good job of balancing school, extracurricular activities, my personal life, and blogging right now. I try, but I fail. However, I find myself able to juggle many things at once including blogging consistently when I’m stressed. Which would be now. 😛

      I’m learning to manage my time better and to be more efficient with the limited amount of time that I’m given. I am still a student and the people I surround myself are very success-driven and motivated to do their best. Yet they also have time for friends and family! It’s something I’m trying to work on myself.

      Oooh, my first Kdrama! I actually wrote about it in my first post on wordpress and during the 30-day Kdrama Challenge! and

      My first Kdrama was Dae Jang Geum and the one that I’ve rewatched the most is either Full House or You’re Beautiful. I think Full House is the winner, but YAB comes close. 🙂

      More questions, please! ^_^ Heehee.

    • I hate Park Shin Yang, but I have a reason for hating him — he’s so shrilly and OTT I just want to sock him in the face sometimes. As for actresses, I sort of despise Lee Jia. I can’t get past her face, and while I heard she was pretty decent in Me Too, Flower, I couldn’t get past episode 1. I think another actress I dislike is Han Ye Seul, but I slogged through Penny-Pinching Romance fine.

      Any actor or actress that looks like they’re so plastic they could be mannequins, I tend to evade like the plague. I can’t help it when they scare me.

      • You know, I have the same odd reaction to Lee Jia. I don’t know if it was her recent scandal (and I tried really hard not to judge her on that), but it was difficult for me to get through Me Too Flower just because of her. It’s not that she’s necessarily bad (I know worse actresses *coughYoonacough*), but something about her just isn’t appealing. Maybe she just can’t display any charisma or likeability.

        • Oh man, I don’t even consider Yoona an actress, which is why I didn’t include her. I’m sure Lee Jia’s decent — I actually found her okay in Beethoven’s Virus but didn’t love her — but after her second (or more) plastic surgery, I honestly can’t stand her face. I wish I could get beyond the face, though. :/

    • Hahaha are you sure you don’t know how to open the doors to the fifth dimension already? 😛

      Well, I’d finish recapping HOTS, for one. But besides HOTS, I’ve always wanted to recap Full House or President, in addition to a few anime series as well. Full House is my guilty pleasure drama, and while I haven’t watched it in years, I think I *could* still watch it again for the nth time. Maybe. I have an inkling that my grumpy twitter enablers have somehow destroyed my ability to sit through crappy dramas that have no substance, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing, per se. President, on the other hand, is just a gem. I want to recap it just so I could rewatch it all over again! (And spazz about Choi Soo Jong.)

  2. Since you’re a drama blogger, what dramas are you keeping tap on? What about the upcoming March dramas? Are there any you’re looking forward to seeing? Lastly, what are your thoughts on “The moon embraces the Sun” since it’s all the hype right now?

    • Hi chewy,

      I’m following 4 dramas right now, but 1 out of the 4 is being kept on hold until further notice: History of the Salaryman (drama on hold), Wild Romance, What’s Up, & Skip Beat. Sadly, I don’t know which dramas I’m looking forward to in March. Perhaps Operation Proposal, Fashion King, or Love Rain, but I’ve forgotten the premiere date for all of these dramas because I’ve been behind Kdrama news these days.

      I haven’t checked out MoonSun but I’m planning to. So far I’m keeping my expectations low because I’ve heard that while the child actors were fantastical, the adult actors aren’t quite living up to expectations. But I’ll believe it when I see it. A drama that has too much hype is pretty much overrated, if you ask me. What about you? What do you think of MoonSun?

      • You’re right about the hype – it’s a good drama, but the 30%+ ratings are really over the top. It’s definitely not as complex and substantial as Princess’ Man and Tree With Deep Roots. That being said, the adult cast is holding up well, especially Kim Soo Hyun. That kid is on fire. As for Han Ga In, she’s doing well enough, I think, and Jung Il Woo is doing as best as he can with his character. The real surprise is Kim Min Seo who’s giving our second lead much more depth than she was written with. But yeah, this drama is on the simplistic side for a saguek.

        • Well, Kim Soo Hyun doing well on his own was a no-brainer, don’t you think? 😛

          But I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t like the adult portion of the drama, because yeah, I’ve heard that the drama is really simplifying its plot line right now. :X

      • MoonSun is my drug right now (J/K). It’s one of those drama where once in a while you get such a nice compelling love story that you can’t help but want see the OTP’s journey. I especially love KSH & think he really saved the drama w/ his strong performances. KSH, in my opinion, is probably one of the best young actor as of now. I’m not going to lie, I tune in every week to see how he’s handling all these pressure of being the lead for such a high rated drama. I’ve never experience seeing a drama live w/ 28% rating (or higher) before, so it should be interesting to see how high it can get (considering the other 2 drama that’s airing at the same time aren’t really engaging).

        Dramas I’m looking forward to seeing are in the following order: Rooftop Prince, Fashion King, The King (2hearts), & Love Rain.

  3. What on-screen pairing of drama actors would make your head explode with happiness? I could go for some Yoon Eun Hye and Hero Jaejoong from Protect the Boss, myself.

      • The one thing that kept SKKS from being the single most perfect show ever filmed was that Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In never made out.

        Guess I shouldn’t hold my breath for that one. I will, however, keep my fingers crossed. =X

  4. Have your drama preferences or habits changed over the years? And..hmm…do you watch dramas from other countries like Japan and Taiwan?

    Lol, I looked back at this post and saw how many questions I’ve asked already…I’m stalking because it’s fun here ;P

    • Oh heck yeah, they’ve changed! I’ve definitely gotten a lot pickier about my shows, probably because I have such wonderful friends that inform me who’s writing and directing them, whether they production team’s good or not, etc. Before, I used to watch whatever was “popular,” but now I realized that what the populace likes isn’t necessarily my cup o’ tea.

      I do watch dramas from other countries, but not as often. I’ve watched a couple of Japanese dramas, and before I watched Korean dramas, I watched Taiwanese dramas. Although my knowledge on Korean dramas has far surpassed my knowledge on Taiwanese ones, I still like to watch a few of the latter here and there. Currently, I’m watching Skip Beat. It’s not a bad show, even though it’s slow. It’s really Pretteh. 🙂

      It’s only fun on DBJ ’cause you’re part of the fun, diorama! Thank you so much for the questions (helps me procrastinate from real life duties) and you’re free to submit more if you’d like! There’s a ton of anonymous lurkers out there, so you’re speaking up for them in the meantime. 🙂

    • Forgot to respond! Sorrriiieeesss!

      Of COURSE I remember DTLY! Hmm I think I’d pick… Lee Jun Ki and Jung So Min. I just want to see if they’d work out together on screen.

    • Wait, how come a girl can’t have all three? I’d love to have a chocolate ice cream cake! Hahaha.

      Needless to say, I have a huge sweet tooth and it’s not good for my tummy. So yes, put a plate of brownies and blueberry muffins in front of me and I’ll have died and gone to heaven!

      • Brownies and blueberry muffin, yum, id joined with you in heaven. Plus ill accept chocolate ice cream cake as an answer too since i have actually had them.. The taste? Exactly as youd imagine 😉

  5. Anastasia dream team:

    Young Anastasia: Kim Sae Ron
    Older Anastasia: Kim So Yeon, Soo Ae, or Yoon Eun Hye (And NOT because of Coffee Prince. I just thought she’d be a good princess-y type of girl). Yeah, I can’t make up my mind. To be honest, I thought Kim Tae Hee would also make a good Anastasia based on her looks, until I remembered that she’s nothing but a mannequin when it comes to acting. Song Hye Kyo was another. I always thought Anastasia should be beautiful but also courageous, like the one in the Disney movie.
    Dimitri: Gong Yoo (Runner ups: Lee Min Ho, Chun Jung Myung)
    Vlamidir: Oh Man Seok
    Rasputin: Kim Gab Soo
    Dowager Empress: Lee Mi Sook
    Bartok: Yeo Jin Goo (Dude, he’d be SO cute in bat form!)

    • OHHHH!!! I LOVE the idea of Soo Ae as Anastasia. I think she would be bang on, as Anastasia. I can see her channeling Anastasia’s inner strength but also rocks it in moments of vulnerability. Plus, I can see her awesome chemistry with Gong Yoo already!

      I thought Dimitri would be a hard one. While I felt Anastasia could blend in with a lot of actress, Dimitri was SO John Cusack. Maybe it’s the distinctive voice. Or maybe I’m just due for another Serendipity rerun, hahah.

      Damnit, now I want to have a Cinderella Sister redux with Rasputin and Granny!! This is so wrong. But with Kim and Lee, I’d say anything goes. I’m imagining Kim Gabsoo in his garb and eyeliner from Joseon X-Files and Lee Misook decked in her royalty robe from Untold Scandal. They’d be so hot. But Granny and Rasputing. SO WRONG!

      • Well, I’d definitely root for Granny and Rasputin. God, the chemistry would rock my socks off! Hahah John Cusack was so ideal as Dimitri, but I think Gong Yoo would fit well into those shoes nicely. Yay, glad you liked Soo Ae as Anastasia! I think she’d be great as well!

    • I’d definitely recommend History of the Salaryman (I haven’t gotten far, but from what I’ve watched and what I’ve heard about it, the drama’s staying pretty solid as it heads toward the finish line!); Sungkyunkwan Scandal; President; My Name is Kim Sam Soon; What’s Up, Fox; Tamra, the Island; You’re Beautiful; Story of a Man; and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

      Dramas to avoid like the plague: Lovers in Paris; Secret Garden; Something about 1%; A Love to Kill; Personal (W)Taste; Bad Guy; Marry Me, Mary; Athena: Goddess of War; Poseidon; Road No. 1; and Manny.

  6. What drama(s) you couldnt imagine would exist or be as it was without its stars, who and why? Get your thinking hat on!

    Sorry for bad grammar :’)

    • What an awesome question, Kyu kyu!

      I don’t think I could imagine Full House without Rain and Song Hye Kyo; You’re Beautiful without Jang Geun Seok and Park Shin Hye; My Girlfriend is a Gumiho without Shin Mina and Lee Seung Gi; Story of a Man without Park Yong Hwa, Kim Kang Woo, and Park Ki Woong; President without Choi Soo Jong. There’s much, much more, but I’ll leave it there for now. I could go on and on with that sort of list!

      Reasons why: Because the drama wouldn’t be the same without them. It just wouldn’t. And that’s something you’ll have to watch for yourselves!

  7. Hey, it’s my little sister’s birthday today!! She’s turning 10
    When’s yours?

    (feel free to not reply if this is too much a private question 🙂

    • Happy belated birthday to your sister, Ponyo! So sorry for the late reply, too. I won’t tell you exactly when my birthday is, but it’s sometime in the fall. 😀

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