Lee Jun Ki is officially discharged from the army

Finally. Thank the gods, our beloved Lee Jun Ki has returned to us.  The 2-year wait is over! Hip hip hooray!

After enlisting for military service in May of 2010, Lee Jun Ki was discharged today and greeted by a huge crowd of fans upon his return. He was also awarded with a cake and flower lei by fans. From here on out, Lee will be swamped with fan meetings, in addition to preparations for his new Japanese single. There’s also talks of him considering a few drama projects in the near future, but more news on that will have to wait.

Welcome back, Lee. Jun. Ki! Oh God, how I’ve missed that smile.

Photo and News Credit: Sports Seoul


4 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki is officially discharged from the army

  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I am so friggin excited!!!! It took me the time he was away to watch his stuff and fall in love with him…cannot wait!..for some strange reason I initially thought he was getting discharged on the 6th and was all over the net looking for pics the night before and was so disspaointed that I was wrong

    • Yeah, I thought he got out February 6th as well but perhaps they moved the date and we just never heard about it. Whoa, you watched EVERYTHING of his? Even Hero, one of the worst dramas he ever participated in? Not that I’d know, of course, ’cause I didn’t watch it.

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