Sherlock BBC Endorsement

Welcome to 221B Baker Street. Where resides an individual “brilliant, aloof, and almost entirely lacking in social graces.”

If you have not yet seen the genius that is the Sherlock BBC series, your life is bereft of something you never would have thought was missing. I recently discovered this amazing show and have officially and irrevocably fallen in love. [Ok fine, that’s an understatement. “I’m positively addicted” would be much more accurate]

Why is it so wondrous? I would be terrible and say that you need to watch it for yourself, but I’m a nice person, so I won’t do that. Jk, the truth is, my limited eloquence only goes so far, and words simply cannot describe the sheer awesome of this show. start, every single cast member, down to the comatose dog [oh wait, wrong Sherlock], executes his part with flawless finesse. Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and Andrew Scott incessantly impress me throughout the series. [And I can’t help it that Cumberbatch’s voice and eyes cause whatever resides in my chest to melt like chocolate on a hot day (summer’s approaching..not cool—no pun intended)]. Fun fact: Cumberbatch’s voice was what finally tipped the scale in convincing Endodo to watch the first episode.

Anyways…………..moving on. Every episode in the two [all-too-short] seasons has an utterly mind-boggling effect. Besides the inherent genius of Sherlock’s character, the creators incorporate a plethora of subtleties and nuances that, when discovered, cause one to have a string of mind-flips. This is one of those things that I can watch a thousand times for the rest of my life and probably still not uncover everything hidden within it.

Basically, everything about this show is brilliant. There’s a mastermind, his unfailingly loyal friend, and a psychopath [we know how much Arwen loves watching those]. We have wit, comedy, intelligence, along with moments that will again melt you into a puddle of mush. By the second season, you’ll be on a roller coaster of sensations [and partly hate the writers for being so emotionally abusive] while continually being in shock/awe/amazement/dumbfounded..ness..[?] at Sherlock’s racing engine of a brain.

Forgive all the long sentences and random side comments. I’m mildly incoherent when it comes to my obsessions. After all this rambling, I’m sure my point has now been crystallized: until you have seen Sherlock BBC, your life will continue to be utterly and tragically incomplete. Before the end of the first episode, your mind [and face] will resemble this:

</inarticulate promotion>

That said, nice to meet you! This is Arwen of Lapis Lazuli on the air. Sorry for the late introduction, but there it is. And now, to echo the excellent John Watson, “Off out!”

Trailer for Episode 1, Season 1

4 thoughts on “Sherlock BBC Endorsement

  1. Thanks for updating my bloggy, bestie! Excellent endorsement for our favorite genius detective.

    To all who are reading this: 1) Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch has The Voice, the kind that makes you fall head over heels in lurvee over, 2) I’m super obsessed with Sherlock BBC as well at the moment, and 3) I’m somewhat keeping up with the current dramas out there, but I’ve got no time to post my own personal thoughts for now (sorries!). In the meantime, please welcome Arwen to DBJ with open arms. 🙂

    Talk to you guys soon! ❤

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