Sherlock Saturdays: Quote Graphic #1

This past week I caught up to some of the current drama offerings that I had originally put on hiatus when my real life took over several months ago. ‘Course, I didn’t have time to watch every single episode and instead opted to read online recaps for most of them, but I did get a general sense of where each drama (Rooftop Prince, Equator Man, King 2 Hearts) was heading. While I admit that I was entertained and even quite amused with each show, I couldn’t help but feel a sort of discontentment too.

To put this nicely, they’re all so dull in comparison to Sherlock BBC. (Please don’t be offended if you’re obsessed a fan of any of these dramas. It all comes down to personal preference after all.) Because I’ve been unable to establish a true emotional connection to recent dramas, I stepped away from dramaland. Which ultimately led to my lack of motivation to blog about anything lately. And I’m sorry if I’ve been saying that a lot in my recent posts even though it’s quite true. Ahem. Tangent over.

Anyway, just when I thought that my fangirling ways were over, Sherlock BBC came unannounced into my life and has been the largest contributor to my sleep deprivation ever since. Not that I’m really complaining. (I’d go into another whole spiel about why it’s so awesome but I think the show should be watched for itself before any discussion. Which is exactly what recaps are for in the first place.)

As promised, here’s the lovely quote graphic that the wonderful Shadowfax has created for this week’s Sherlock Saturday. What else can I say besides that it’s one of my favoritest quotes ever? Well, one thing’s for sure–I instantly became besotted with Sherlock as a character after this simple introduction and haven’t really bothered to look back since.

The quote, in my opinion, speaks for itself. Take a look and join us in our Sherlock BBC fandom! Until next time!

Quote graphic credit: Shadowfax for Dodo’s Bell Jar

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