Sherlock Saturdays: Fandom Highlights

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Sherlock Saturdays!  Today I’m going to share with you some stuff produced by the varied and oh-so-talented Sherlock fandom. Unfortunately, I’m somewhat limited by the fact that we’re hardly halfway through the recap of the first episode, but fear not! I have many links to delicious things saved up and all will be shared in due time. I’ll round off the week’s highlights with a humble offering of my own: a second quote graphic.

Shall we?

Included in this post:

Art (traditional media)
Photoset (gifs, screencaps, digital manips)


Art — Traditional Media: 2 Sherlock Portraits

I found Amanda Tolleson on DeviantArt and instantly fell in love with these two pencil sketches. [Is it right to call such amazing, detailed work a “sketch”?] Her portraits of people are wonderfully realistic and expressive and I honestly can’t stop going through her gallery like a Super Creeper [but I am not ashamed! it’s wonderful stuff]. Besides her Sherlock art, she also has folders for Supernatural and Doctor Who, not to mention some noteworthy Hobbit pieces (1, 2). Please check out her Gallery, you won’t be disappointed.

Video: Remember the Name (of Sherlock Holmes)

I’m not usually interested in fanvids. Making a video takes a ridiculous amount of work, an artistic eye for scene cuts and impeccable timing [a decent video program and film quality doesn’t hurt either] and c’mon, let’s be honest: it’s rare that amateurs get That Good.

I found this one when I was lurking around YouTube listening to the Sherlock soundtrack. The timing of the cuts are sharp and nearly perfectly in synch with the ebb and swell of the music, and though the clips have been sped up a little too much [it’s a little distracting], the clips are well chosen. Only about the first half of the video is really exceptional enough to recommend, but it’s still noteworthy enough to… note. [Check it out, I have such a varied vocabulary. *ahem*]

Photoset: Flattery

I actually Kind of Really adore this photoset. It’s beautiful and clean, and of course, it deals with one of my Absolutely Most Favorite scenes in the first episode: John being so wonderfully John and Sherlock, heartbreakingly out of his depth and so utterly huggable. The reference to A Study in Scarlet sealed the deal and made this particular photoset one of my all-time favorite gifs.

[I’ll probably end up reblogging the pixels out of this one on Tumblr. Actually, that is a fabulous idea. I will queue it.]

Quote Graphic (a.k.a. Humble Offering): The Game is on!

As Dodo will attest, I spent The Longest Time agonizing over how to go about this graphic. My muse is such a troll sometimes. If you want to see the first quote graphic, please click here to read Dodo’s thoughts on BBC Sherlock and find the graphic!

Next on Sherlock Saturday:

The third part of our recap comes next week, and we meet Sherlock’s archenemy! [Can I have an “ooh… ahhh” from the audience please?] Please stay tuned for more goodies coming your way throughout this week!


Title gif: spikettes

Fanvid: Dicacitas

Photoset: bellumperficit

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