Thoughts on CBS’s upcoming new TV show Elementary, Part I

endodo: For those of you who don’t know already, CBS, one of America’s broadcasting networks, is planning on airing their own version of Sherlock later in fall of this year. ‘Course, it’s an adaptation of the original Sherlock Holmes story with a twist: instead of a John Watson as Sherlock’s sidekick, they’ve got a Joan Watson instead. Also, the entire show will be set in the busy streets of New York City. So Shadowfax, are you planning on checking out this upcoming version of Sherlock? “Elementary,” they call it.

Shadowfax: <cringe> Errm, don’t kill me, BBC fans, but yes. What about you, Dodo?

endodo: I’m not sure. I’d like to say “no” after watching the released trailer, but my curiosity often gets the better of me.

Shadowfax: Yeah, that trailer was honestly not all that… attracting, shall we say. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet:

Maybe it’s masochism, but I still kind of really wanna see it still…

endodo: I want to see why the heck they thought it was necessary to make a female version of John Watson, who’ll be played by Lucy Liu. I just don’t see how Sherlock and “Joan” could possibly get along as a dynamic duo without any romantic entanglements. I mean, John and Sherlock’s chemistry together in the Sherlock BBC (sorry, can’t help but compare) are already rocking my socks off.

Shadowfax: I totally hear you on Joan! Sure Sherlock BBC was wonderful because of the crazy-brilliant deductions and eccentric mysteries, but it’s the deep, comfortable relationship between the two men that brings the fans back, rabid for more. [A crazy amount of people ship Freeman!John and Sherlock!batch but ehh, I’m sure they appreciate the bromance too–that at least is canon and so far, no complaints.]

endodo: My sentiments exactly. Besides, is it just me, or is the Sherlock in “Elementary” a tad bit… dull? Sure, Johnny Lee Miller is no Robert Downey Jr. and he’s definitely not a Cumberbatch, but I wasn’t impressed with his version of Sherlock from the trailer.

Shadowfax: Hehh. I’m sure he’ll get around to RDJ/Cumberbatch-ish shenanigans at some point in the show, though perhaps you’ve managed to pinpoint exactly why I feel “Elementary” appears so lackluster.

endodo: Oh good, we’re on the same page. I agree that something’s definitely lacking in “Elementary.” In the few glimpses I got of him, JLM’s Sherlock seemed quite ordinary from the get-go (almost like a cardboard cut-out of a character if you ask me). It’s like, if you take away the fact that he’s a drug addict on rehab in Brooklyn, there’s really nothing worth noting about him. Part of what makes Benedict’s Sherlock work is that there’s so much more to the character than meets the eye. He’s multi-dimensional and a lot more complicated at first glance. He’s incredibly brilliant yet flawed; one could spend ages discussing about him. JLM’s Sherlock? Not so much. Granted, the episode’s not even out yet and I could be very wrong in saying that his Sherlock’s bland in comparison. Forgive me, I can’t help but compare the two Sherlocks.

Shadowfax: [Well, when even the creators of Sherlock BBC and the Star of the Show are comparing them, I don’t think you can be blamed for that, really.] I’m just hoping that it’s gonna turn out well, despite the sad little trailer… Just because there are a gazillion remakes of Sherlock Holmes doesn’t mean Sir ACD’s work deserves to have a couple of nasties trailing it…

endodo: I guess we won’t know until we see it. Let’s give the poor show the benefit of the doubt until it proves otherwise. To those that are interested in checking it out, CBS’s Elementary will be out this fall and is looking at a Thursday night timeslot.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on CBS’s upcoming new TV show Elementary, Part I

  1. When I see the trailer, I see Lucy Liu. Sherlock is just ‘that guy’. If they had made Lucy Liu play Sherlock and that other guy play Watson, I would be all over this remake.

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