Sherlock Saturdays: Fandom Highlights

Hello everyone, and welcome back once again to Sherlock Saturdays! I know that this isn’t the next part of the recap I promised, but real life has kind of decided to be really not nice in the pre-finals time period and I’m afraid it’s gonna be another week [at least] before I’ll have the recap finished. In the meantime, have a few more fandom goodies to tide you over? I’ll make up the lack with two recaps in a row sometime in the near future. July, sometime?

Included in this post:

Art (digital art)
Comic (traditional media)


Art — Digital Art: Sherlock Portrait (enlarge for best quality!)

It’s honestly a wonder how you can look at Matthias Olsen‘s work and not dissolve into a gibbering mess of “wowthatissoprettymyeyescan’thandlethepretty”. Or else simply just gaze in awe at the expressive realism of his portraits. I’ve picked my two favorite non-spoilery ones [but if you’ve finished at least till 2.03: “Scandal in Belgravia”, please check out his painting of Irene Adler which is eye-meltingly gorgeous] for your viewing pleasure.

In the first, the light shining from behind Sherlock gives the entire piece a dramatic, almost ethereal quality that I particularly enjoy, but once you zoom in on Sherlock’s [Benedict Cumberbatch’s] unique eyes, you’ll find that his focused expression is anything but, staring off into the distance at something our silly little brains will never be able to comprehend.

The second you will recognize as the scene from the beginning of the first episode. “Nothing happens to me,” John had said, sounding as though he were wishing it did. Olsen’s portrayal of this scene not only captures that bleak despair in John’s eyes, but enhances it–we ache with him. [Aww, I want a John Watson of my own to squish…]

Definitely check out his other stuff. If you’re into Avengers, I particularly recommend his painting of Loki–the detail is exquisite and the expression [ohh, the expression] cuts and it hurts so beautifully.

Comic: Traditional Media

With the new craze for The Dark Knight Rises rising to epic proportions, I thought it was appropriate to share this comic by outlawink with everyone. Not based off of BBC Sherlock, but it’s still about Sherlock Holmes, so it counts, right? Pretty much self-explanatory.

[I’m also not entirely certain this is traditional media, but that’s what the author listed it as….. I’ll take it.]

Video: Stranger(s) Like Me

I absolutely adore this video. The film quality isn’t excellent, but the cuts, the edits, the clip choices and the montages are utterly perfect, both for their filmic effect and for the correlating meaning with the song. Each transition is finely tuned to the change of the beat, and even each individual’s actions within the clip is timed according to the beat. The clips and montages are flawlessly arranged and edited to match the mood of the music, never one deviating from the meaning of either the song or the clips, yet using each to inform the other to form an even more powerful narrative. [I burst out laughing when Phil Collins sings, “It all means something, and yet nothing to me” and John around in utter bewilderment.]

The creator, HPgeek2, explains that their focus was to look at meeting Sherlock Holmes from John’s perspective. This in turn makes “Strangers Like Me” perfect on so many levels. The song itself is talking about discovering a whole new perspective from people [a person] whom you don’t know, but whom you suspect are similar to you nonethless. John and Sherlock appear on the surface two extremely different people but they are remarkably alike in numerous other ways [more on this in later recaps]. At this point in our recap, John is definitely interested in Sherlock’s lifestyle and perhaps he even gets the feeling that it’s a world he “needs to know”.

Next on Sherlock Saturday:

Hopefully the recap will be up next week. Don’t hold your breath though, ’cause finals and real life have this awful habit of ruining my life. How inconsiderate.


Title Pic: Mevelan

Fanvid: HPgeek2

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