About Dodo

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.” — The Bell Jar

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Dodo’s Bell Jar! I’m known as endodo4ever online, but please call me endodo or dodo if you’d like. Whether you stumbled across this blog on accident, or you’ve been following this blog since its creation in December 2010, all are welcome! You’ll be treated as family here, for I love guests! As the only dodo living in a bell jar, it can get lonely real fast down here.

As for what this blog is about, I’m passionate about dramas as well as other forms of entertainment. I hope to use this blog to rant and rave about what I like, and to practice my prose. By no means am I a good writer. Practice may not lead to perfection, but I hope I’ll get super close in the faraway future.

The name of this blog is Dodo’s Bell Jar in honor of Sylvia Plath‘s beloved classic novel of the same name. The book is on my list of all-time favorites, and I wanted to pay tribute to Plath and her writing.

I still consider myself a novice as an online blogger. In no way do I claim to be a professional critic; I’m just a dodo who likes entertainment and likes to talk and write about them when I’m inspired to do so. I don’t post as often as I’d like to, so you’ll have to bear with me. If you consider yourself to be of the adventurous type, get ready to embark on a rocky ride. Even if you’re not, I’ll hold your hand — or pretend to, if you don’t like hand-holding — throughout the entire ride. I’ll try to make the journey as fun as possible, for your benefit and mine, too. The only thing you should expect from this blog is CRAZYNESS (and yes, I’m purposely misspelling that word). After all, I’m a quirky and random dodo. But a fun one at that!

With that said, thanks again for stopping by! I’d love to hear from you, since reading comments from people outside the bell jar make me happy! 🙂

6 thoughts on “About Dodo

  1. wow dodo so much has changed since the last time I dropped by… if you can still remember me. 🙂 nonski from the romance town before. i haven’t been here for a while coz last time, hope i am not wrong, you hibernated, think you travelled. i was looking for some things to read on The Fierce Wife and googled it, voila, you’re one of those writing recaps on this. gosh, i am so happy. so now i am off to read on TFW… thanks much much much! hoping to be able to post again here our sub links like before. komawo dodo!

    • and I am watching Drunken to Love You too… coz Koala had been raving about it and yeah Joseph Chang is reaaaaaally hot! He’s the man’s man.

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