Sherlock Saturdays: Benedict Cumberbatch’s recent photo shoots

Sorry for the slightly belated Sherlock Saturdays post! Like Shadowfax, real life has been really unkind and annoying to me lately. But never mind that. Here is what you all have been waiting for: yummy photos of Benedict Cumberbatch! Here are a few photos from Sherlock Benedict’s last three photo shoots, which were all shot between April and May earlier this year. The first set of photos pictured above and below are from his shoot with Jaguar Magazine, the second set from an LA Times Photo shoot, and the last one’s from an interview with The New York Times.

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Thoughts on CBS’s upcoming new TV show Elementary, Part II

Here’s the second part of my live chat about CBS’s upcoming show, Elementary, with Shadowfax! Our conversation continues after we take a look at the second trailer released by CBS for Elementary, which was an extended version of the first. Watch the trailer below before reading any further!

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Thoughts on CBS’s upcoming new TV show Elementary, Part I

endodo: For those of you who don’t know already, CBS, one of America’s broadcasting networks, is planning on airing their own version of Sherlock later in fall of this year. ‘Course, it’s an adaptation of the original Sherlock Holmes story with a twist: instead of a John Watson as Sherlock’s sidekick, they’ve got a Joan Watson instead. Also, the entire show will be set in the busy streets of New York City. So Shadowfax, are you planning on checking out this upcoming version of Sherlock? “Elementary,” they call it.

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Sherlock Saturdays: Quote Graphic #1

This past week I caught up to some of the current drama offerings that I had originally put on hiatus when my real life took over several months ago. ‘Course, I didn’t have time to watch every single episode and instead opted to read online recaps for most of them, but I did get a general sense of where each drama (Rooftop Prince, Equator Man, King 2 Hearts) was heading. While I admit that I was entertained and even quite amused with each show, I couldn’t help but feel a sort of discontentment too.

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Introducing Sherlock Saturdays

Long time no blog, y’all.

My good friend and guest blogger Arwen posted about Sherlock last week and I decided to follow her with another post about this series. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been completely obsessed with anything to the point that I’ve started converting others to this crazy fandom. The last time I remember watching something this cracktastic was back in 2009, when I watched You’re Beautiful, the Korean drama starring Jang Geun Seok and Park Shin Hye. But if we must compare the two, BBC’s Sherlock’s a complete masterpiece whereas You’re Beautiful doesn’t even hold a candle in comparison on the crack-o-meter, and I haven’t seen anything of its equal since the Lord of the Rings trilogy (though perhaps Inception and Story of a Man comes close). Continue reading