Day 30: A Kdrama which made you sad (Final)

Aw, sadly, we’ve reached the end! But the challenge was fun while it lasted, and I’ll definitely remember all the fun conversations I’ve had with many of you throughout this fun series.

I may love my romantic comedies, but I also can’t live without my melodramas. That being said, oftentimes what makes me “sad” isn’t always a death or a tragedy, but the simplest, most ordinary moments in life. Deaths and tragedies often do equate as sadness, though not all of them strike a chord deep within, not all of them touch the realms of my heart. I still consider myself a crybaby, though I think my eyes must have trained itself to shed less tears over the years of much Kdrama-watching. Nowadays, I rarely cry when watching a Korean drama. Only when I experience a gut-wrenching pain do I finally let loose my floodgates.

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Day 29: A Kdrama which made you happy

Most dramas make me happy because they take me away from reality for a little while. Then there are the ones that just plain piss me off. But my go-to dramas to liven my mood, the ones that make me swell up out of happiness? Coincidentally, they’re all rom-coms. Continue reading

Day 28: A Kdrama not loved by many but you seem to like

A recent one? President. If there’s one drama I’d like to recommend to everyone from the 2011 offerings, it’s this one. President’s not your typical drama, although it does fall into some stereotypical plot lines in the beginning. It’s intense, realistic, and fun, creating a perfect concoction for a good drama. While I wouldn’t say that it’s the best drama ever, or is it a drama without flaws, it’s certainly one of my personal favorites.

I know I’ll be rewatching it sometime again this year because it stars Choi Soo Jong, my I Lub You. How I miss you so! (Still haven’t watched Comrades for fear of crying my eyes out.) It was because of this drama that he became my I Lub You, where I wasn’t so much captivated by his amazing acting, but rather his deadly, yet all-too-sexy smile. Oh my honey, you’re so fine, thank the gods that you’re all mine! And yeah, I know that rhymes. Hee. Continue reading

Day 26: Your Recently Finished Kdrama

The final drama I picked up last year — and the first one I completed when I rang in the new year — was Tree With Deep Roots. I picked it up because I’ve been hearing about Song Joong Ki‘s and Han Suk Kyu‘s awesome acting for months. After finishing the drama, I can now agree with the masses and say that their acting combined was freaking amazing. Song Joong Ki needs his own leading role, stat. Ahem, drama gods. I think it’s your call to make that happen!  Continue reading