Thoughts on CBS’s upcoming new TV show Elementary, Part I

endodo: For those of you who don’t know already, CBS, one of America’s broadcasting networks, is planning on airing their own version of Sherlock later in fall of this year. ‘Course, it’s an adaptation of the original Sherlock Holmes story with a twist: instead of a John Watson as Sherlock’s sidekick, they’ve got a Joan Watson instead. Also, the entire show will be set in the busy streets of New York City. So Shadowfax, are you planning on checking out this upcoming version of Sherlock? “Elementary,” they call it.

Shadowfax: <cringe> Errm, don’t kill me, BBC fans, but yes. What about you, Dodo? Continue reading

On the set of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

I sincerely wish with all my heart that real life would just lay off and give me a break, just so’s I can watch this drama. But then again, even if I were able to watch this drama, I’d probably acquire a set of panda eyes overnight. Reading the recaps alone over at Dramabeans has me crying for moar, moar, moar! It doesn’t help that I totally adore Jung Il Woo as Chi Soo and seeing him makes me all grabby. *fingers twitch* See what I mean?

This really isn’t a post about anything, but an excuse for me to say that 1) Jung Il Woo is a cutie, 2) I want to make him my personal boy toy, and 3) I’d like him as an early Christmas present. Preferably when I wake up tomorrow. What? Don’t look at me like you wouldn’t want that too. (I wished for it first though.) While I find Lee Chung Ah‘s Eun Bi to be an intriguing, witty female lead and Lee Ki Woo a hottie in his own rights, I’ve only got eyes for one person. And that’s Jung! Il! Woo! Squeeeee! Continue reading

Wong Fu releases BTS making of Still In Love With You

I can’t recall the last time I watched such a detailed BTS for a music video. Wong Fu Productions released a two-part video that documents their step-by-step process of pre-production planning, as well as actually shooting Wang Leehom‘s MV for his song, “Still In Love With You.” I love that we get to access what was going on prior to the shoot, during it, and afterwards. What was the most interesting part for me to watch was seeing the thought and effort that Wes and Phil put behind everything — from the props to the outfits of the characters, and from the location settings to the layout of the video.

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More released stills from RT Episode 10 and some BTS clips

Wheeeeeeee!!! See, this is why study breaks are awesome! I don’t have much except for these few stills from Romance Town 10 — well actually, that’s a lie. I’m choosing not to post more about Romance Town tonight, and will have a bigger post ready tomorrow when something I’m waiting for arrives. On the other hand, look at the BTS clips for episodes 8-10, particularly one of interest is how they shot the kissing scene for episodes 8 and 9.

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Park Shi Hoo Dresses Up. Literally.

Dear Park Shi Hoo:

You are adorables. Thank you for posting more photos of yourself on your personal twitter, and for allowing me to justify myself to my family for following Korean celebrities on twitter. Because someone has already claimed you as their I Lub You, I shall say nothing else except that my interest in The Princess’s Man is escalating. Oh, and um I’m tempted to say that I wish I were the fan that you’re holding in your hand. The end.

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