Romance Town, How I Love Thee: A First Impressions Post

Romance Town is soon becoming not only the most addicting drama for me in May, but perhaps one of my favorites for the year. It also reminds me of Playful Kiss in a lot of ways, and not for the reasons you’re thinking of right now. Playful Kiss may be a drama that many hate, love, or are indifferent to, but for me, it’s a drama that I can easily talk about with anyone, either on paper or over the phone. Romance Town is then very similar in that regard, which is a really good thing in my books. Continue reading

Best Love First Impressions

I had originally planned to write up a quick first impressions post last week, but I just didn’t have the time. This week’s no different, since it’s midterms and papers galore, but I decided that I WILL write something about Best Love because goshdarnit, this show is getting awesome! Like this:

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First Impressions: Manny

Cute, cute, cuteeeee!!! Oh my God, what a wonderful show! I’m actually midway through the fourth episode right now, but I wanted to write up a quick first impressions before I watch anymore. My verdict? I’m totally infatuated with this new series! I’m not yet in love–that will have to wait–but I am addicted. I can’t help it–it makes me very giggly! So will I be sticking around this series even though there’s a huge crapload line-up of upcoming new May dramas? Oh, you betcha!

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First Impressions: My Princess

It’s been a while since I’ve written a first impressions post and because I really need to get my mind off a certain book written by one of the best writers in the fictional world, I decided that this post needed to be written, or else I’d spend the rest of the week brooding over what I have just read. (In case any of you are wondering, I just finished a book by Jodi Picoult and it is seriously mind-boggling fantastic! And a tad depressing.) But all that aside, the start of My Princess (episodes 1-4) was delightfully breezy and is worth briefly talking about.

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