Introducing Sherlock Saturdays

Long time no blog, y’all.

My good friend and guest blogger Arwen posted about Sherlock last week and I decided to follow her with another post about this series. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been completely obsessed with anything to the point that I’ve started converting others to this crazy fandom. The last time I remember watching something this cracktastic was back in 2009, when I watched You’re Beautiful, the Korean drama starring Jang Geun Seok and Park Shin Hye. But if we must compare the two, BBC’s Sherlock’s a complete masterpiece whereas You’re Beautiful doesn’t even hold a candle in comparison on the crack-o-meter, and I haven’t seen anything of its equal since the Lord of the Rings trilogy (though perhaps Inception and Story of a Man comes close). Continue reading

Sherlock BBC Endorsement

Welcome to 221B Baker Street. Where resides an individual “brilliant, aloof, and almost entirely lacking in social graces.”

If you have not yet seen the genius that is the Sherlock BBC series, your life is bereft of something you never would have thought was missing. I recently discovered this amazing show and have officially and irrevocably fallen in love. [Ok fine, that’s an understatement. “I’m positively addicted” would be much more accurate]

Why is it so wondrous? I would be terrible and say that you need to watch it for yourself, but I’m a nice person, so I won’t do that. Jk, the truth is, my limited eloquence only goes so far, and words simply cannot describe the sheer awesome of this show. start, every single cast member, down to the comatose dog [oh wait, wrong Sherlock], executes his part with flawless finesse. Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and Andrew Scott incessantly impress me throughout the series. [And I can’t help it that Cumberbatch’s voice and eyes cause whatever resides in my chest to melt like chocolate on a hot day (summer’s approaching..not cool—no pun intended)]. Fun fact: Cumberbatch’s voice was what finally tipped the scale in convincing Endodo to watch the first episode. Continue reading

New Favorite YouTube Channel: Blimey Cow

The internet is wonderful these days. Anyone can post anything and everything with just a click away. It’s also really wonderful to find new forms of entertainment online too, and I bet most of you found my blog through search engines and other blogs as well. A friend of mine introduced me to this YouTube channel called “Blimey Cow” recently. After watching every video in their “Messy Mondays” series, I can officially say that I’m in love. Though I don’t think everyone will get their humor, almost all the topics addressed in their videos was surprisingly relatable, even if I didn’t have the exact same experiences.

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Dodo’s Ideal Type World Cup Challenge, Part V (Final)

We’ve reached the end of a very long game. Again, thanks to all who participated in this challenge and to those who celebrated along with me. I hope you guys had just as much fun choosing among the actors as I did!

As for this last battle between Uhm Tae Woong and Jung Il Woo — holy moley, it was ridiculous hard. Before I declare the winner, however, I’d like to give a huge shout-out to sara m, who drew the pig-rabbit above, and for Shadowfax, one of my commentators from my LOTR recaps, for designing my bloggyversary header. Thank you both so much! And for those of you who still want to play, here’s the handy tag link for Parts 1-4 of Dodo’s Ideal Type World Cup Challenge.

Now let’s cut to the chase and get this over with, shall we? Ahhhh! *breathes* Continue reading