YouTube Highlight of the Day: One Man Phantom of the Opera

Nick Pitera has done it once again with this newest addition to his “One Man Medley” series! He shot to fame years ago when he sang “A Whole New World,” where he was both Aladdin and Jasmine. In this video, he sings a mashup of Phantom of the Opera songs, but here’s the kick — he’s the voice of Christine, Raoul, AND the Phantom. If you ask me, he’s simply amazing and one of the most talented singers on YouTube. Continue reading

SM Entertainment’s new boy group, EXO-K

You know what? These guys have beautiful voices. And this is a beautiful song. They’re the latest new boy band from SM Entertainment, and while I’m not following the Kpop scene right now, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this song. Forget the fact that EXO-K sounds like some bathroom cleanser, or that these boys are too pretty to be men — I’ve been playing this music video non-stop for hours.

Now if only I could stop staring at their noses and eyes — they’re quite distracting. They’re a little um, too perfect. Almost seems er, man-made. Continue reading

3 addicting YouTube Covers to check out

There’s nothing I love more than good music, especially if it’s music sung by talented people on YouTube. Since I think I’ve already shared all three of these videos to anyone who would listen, I thought that I should bring these songs to my blog as well. More enabling, yay! You can thank me later. 😉 Continue reading

If only life was as simple as Mr. Simple

Helloooooo, boys!

I can’t say I love this group’s latest fashion trend, nor do I love this latest single and its MV. However, I’m just glad that they’re back, hotter than ever. Literally. Some may hate ’em, while others love ’em to death. As for myself, I like Super Junior, but I’m not a hardcore fan…usually.

Continue reading