Now accepting questions! My faux post.

Edit: No more questions? *sad face* Distract me from my studies, I dare you!

*bangs on gravel* Attention! Atttttttteeeeeeeeeeennnnnttttiiiiooooonnn, people!

Yes, this is a shameless advertising post an announcement dedicated to all the curious lurkers and readers out there that, for a limited time only, I’ll answer any questions concerning myself or this blog. I truly apologize that I’m so inconsistent in my blogging nowadays (not that I was ever consistent to begin with). To make up for that, here’s a formal Q & A session for you guys to ask me anything!

When this blog was first hosted on tumblr, I had a account that gave readers the opportunity to ask me anything. I gave up the account and stopped updating it when I moved this blog to wordpress. I must admit that I miss receiving a wide variety of wonderful questions, all of which were submitted by readers. I’ll try to answer every question I receive, but I might not answer if I have to reveal something too personal from my life. And to make this Q & A session even sweeter, I’ll not only be answering questions on this post, but also on my blog’s twitter. (FYI: Just make sure that your account’s privacy setting is on public so I can read your tweets!) Continue reading