YouTube Highlight of the Day: Lord of the Rings Easter Egg

I don’t know if you can tell from the fact that I’ve posted something LOTR-related twice within the past week, but I’ve been missing LOTR a lot. Yes, I feel a black void because I haven’t been able to rewatch the trilogy for months. I repeat, months! So imagine my happiness when a friend posted a link to this YouTube video, which ultimately not only made me laugh hysterically, but made my entire day — maybe even my entire week. I apologize in advance to those who’ve already been bombarded by this link, since I’ve posted this on my twitter already.

I hope y’all find this clip refreshingly funny, and that if you’re feeling a little in the dumps today, it’ll instantaneously lift your dampened spirits. Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan FOR. THE. WINNNNNNNNNNN! Continue reading

YouTube Highlight of the Day: One Man Phantom of the Opera

Nick Pitera has done it once again with this newest addition to his “One Man Medley” series! He shot to fame years ago when he sang “A Whole New World,” where he was both Aladdin and Jasmine. In this video, he sings a mashup of Phantom of the Opera songs, but here’s the kick — he’s the voice of Christine, Raoul, AND the Phantom. If you ask me, he’s simply amazing and one of the most talented singers on YouTube. Continue reading

New Favorite YouTube Channel: Blimey Cow

The internet is wonderful these days. Anyone can post anything and everything with just a click away. It’s also really wonderful to find new forms of entertainment online too, and I bet most of you found my blog through search engines and other blogs as well. A friend of mine introduced me to this YouTube channel called “Blimey Cow” recently. After watching every video in their “Messy Mondays” series, I can officially say that I’m in love. Though I don’t think everyone will get their humor, almost all the topics addressed in their videos was surprisingly relatable, even if I didn’t have the exact same experiences.

Continue reading

YouTube Highlight of the Day: Manzzang singing in What’s Up Episode 8

I love it when a drama blows me away, but what’s even better is when an actor or actress gives a chilling performance that sends tingles up my spine. I’m currently watching the cable drama What’s Up, and find it to be enjoyable. While I think that the overall acting performances from this cast is better than that of Dream High, I don’t know which drama’s story I like better. Both are solid, with a sense of mystery intertwined with the cutesy stuff. Continue reading