Drama Ratings

This is a list of (Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese) dramas that I’ve watched from beginning to end. There are many that aren’t included in this list because I only sampled them or didn’t finish them because let’s be honest here, if I had to finish every drama that I’ve started, I would end up deathly ill.

All the ratings are based on my emotional attachment to the drama, and aren’t based on the quality of it. You must also remember that what I may like may not appeal to you individually, but it may be potentially helpful in guiding you to “better” dramas. Or not. I must reiterate that ratings really do not depict the quality of a drama as a whole, so if I rated a drama poorly, it’s all about personal preference. Just a note of caution. I don’t want my personal opinions to dissuade you from watching a particular drama because I’m just one tiny voice in the drama blogging world.

I will be updating this page as often as I finish watching something. The ones in italics are the ones I’m currently watching. The dramas that get a perfect 10 are the ones that were the most engaging, and the ones that own my soul. Happy reading!

1 Litre of Tears (10/10)

9 End 2 Outs (7/10)

18 vs. 29 (5/10)

49 Days (8/10)

All About Eve (6/10)

Autumn’s Concerto (9/10)

Autumn Story (5/10)

Bad Guy (6/10)

Ballad of Suh-Dong (8/10)

Beautiful Days (4/10)

Beethoven Virus (5/10)

Best Love (7/10)

Boys Before Flowers (7/10)

A Bright Girl’s Success Story (4/10)

Bullfighting (7/10)

Cain and Abel (6/10)

Can You Hear My Heart (8.5/10)

City Hunter (8/10)

Chuno (7.5/10)

Cinderella’s Sister (7/10)

City Hall (8.5/10)

Coffee House (8/10)

Coffee Prince (8/10)

Conspiracy in the Court (9/10)

Dae Jang Geum (9/10)

Damo (8/10)

Devil Besides You (6/10)

Dr. Champ (8.5/10)

Dream High (8/10)

Drunken to Love You

Full House (8/10)

Girl K (9/10)

Glass Slippers (8/10)

God of Study (7/10)

Goodbye Solo (9/10)

Hana Kimi Japanese Version (8/10)

Hana Kimi Taiwanese Version (7/10)

Hana Yori Dango (7/10)

Hana Yori Dango 2 (7/10)

History of the Salaryman

Hot Shot (6/10)

Hotelier (5/10)

Iljimae (7/10)

I am Legend (6/10)

IRIS (7/10)

Joseon X Files (8/10)

Love Letter (6/10)

Love Story in Harvard (4/10)

A Love To Kill (3/10)

Lovers in Paris (3/10)

Marry Me, Mary (5/10)

My Girl (6/10)

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (9/10)

My Love, Patzzi (5/10)

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (10/10)

My Princess (6/10)

Oh! My Lady (7/10)

On Air (7/10)

Only You (6/10)

Operation Proposal

Papa (5/10)

Pasta (7/10)

Personal Taste (6/10)

Playful Kiss (6/10)

President (9.5/10)

Princess Hours (7/10)

Prosecutor Princess (7/10)

Romance Town (6/10)

Romantic Princess (7/10)

Runaway (7/10)

Secret Garden (5/10)

Shining Inheritance (6/10)

Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Skip Beat

Smiling Pasta (8/10)

Spring Waltz (4/10)

Something about 1% (5/10)

Sorry, But I Love You (8/10)

Sunny Happiness (10/10)

Stairway to Heaven (6/10)

Star’s Lover (6/10)

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (9.5/10)

Tamra The Island (8/10)

That Love Comes (7/10)

The Duo (8.5/10)

The Fierce Wife (8/10)

The Man Who Can’t Get Married (5/10)

The Princess’s Man (9/10)

The Return of Iljimae (8.5/10)

The Story Of A Man (10/10)

Time Between Dog and Wolf (8.5/10)

ToGetHer (8/10)

Tree With Deep Roots (7/10)

What Happened In Bali (8/10)

What’s Up (7/10)

What’s Up, Fox? (9/10)

What is Your Star? (6/10)

Why Why Love (5/10)

Wild Romance (9/10)

Winter Sonata (7/10)

You’re Beautiful (10/10)

Any suggestions about what I should watch? Let me know about some of your favorites that I haven’t watched and I may check it out!

20 thoughts on “Drama Ratings

  1. watch drunken to love you ! 🙂 so far i’ve seen 2 eps, its still filming so ep 3 hasn’t came out yet . but its so goood

    • Hey janeee,

      Thanks for the rec! I’ve actually watched two episodes of DTLY and it’s cute so far. I like what I saw in the first two episodes, but we’ll have to see what happens in the upcoming months.

    • Whoa, I have neglected responding to this page for a while. Sorries! I haven’t watched either dramas, but I’ll see if I can dig up some info about ’em before checking them out! Thanks for the recs, Anona!

  2. How about Blissful Woman?? it’s the first Jung Kyeo Woon drama I watched and since then I am a big fan of him! hehe.. Hmm.. Probably the earlier episode aren’t so interesting,, even I have to admit that my only reason to keep watching it back then was that Jung Kyeo Woon is the lead actor.. However,, overall it was still a good drama.. ^^
    btw Ms. Dodo,, your drama ratings are similar to mine.. could you please rate any drama you watch and then share it here?? I believe it will be helpful.. thanks 😀

  3. SUPER ROOKIE! Eric Moon – Great story, good writing, acting, directing. Lots of Fun. I agree with most of your list. So give SR a look. Also enjoyed Queen of Reversals- another one from a few years back.

  4. Oh, another Eric Moon great drama was “Que Sera Sera”.
    Plus, a fun and inventive drama was- “Once Upon a TIme in Saengchori” Mystery and Romance and some laugh out loud moments.

  5. I recommend you to watch “The Great Queen Seon Deok”, it’s quite long but I’m sure you’ll appreciate the story and the actors and actresses of this movie. Hope you’ll enjoy watching it.

    • I actually tried watching it when it aired, but gave up around episode 20. Thanks for the rec, though! I absolutely loved seeing Go Hyun Jung it in; she was awesome!

    • Thanks for the rec, Tofucat!

      I’m actually watching Rooftop Prince right now and will continue to watch it. It’s actually pretty decent. Micky Yoochun is hilarious.

  6. Hello 53 year old guy here. So I’m not sure if we’d be on the same wavelength as to what we give a high rating for a drama. Well in my case it won’t be for hot guys or hot women.
    I haven’t seen that many dramas. I’ll just tell you what dramas I rated more than 8/10
    Warrior Baek Dong suk
    Some great charactors, particulary among the baddies. Skylord is one of the most charismatic characters I’ve come across in a long time.
    The ony negative aspect is in the subbing. There was too much modern dialogue for a drama set in the past eg brat, crap,

    Black and White (taiwan)
    if you can leave your mind at home, and not expect too much in the way of logic, you are in for an excellent blend of mystery, action, and soap opera.
    The fights for the most part are not what you would call eye catching. That is except for the last one, where 3 good guys take one bad guy. Many of the characters are not who they seem. Bad people do good things. People you thought were good, aren’t.
    Anyway I thought it was terrific, and enjoyed the interplay between the two lead characters.

    Kingdom of the 4 winds.
    A favourite, Unlike Warrior, the subbing was perfect.
    the sandglass
    An excellent crime drama. Anybody who saw seen the old b/w mvie manhattan melodrama (the film john dillinger had been to see, before being shot) will recognise one of the threads running through tjhe story. I was also reminded of The Godfather. highly recommonded
    secret garden.
    Very funny, very touching. For the most part, a wonderful screenplay. The chemistry was good between the two leads. But then I often find that in these dramas. It had cliches common to korean dramas. But I tend to overlook those. The two leads gave good performances, but there were no real standouts. It made me laugh, smile, cry.

    So a short list. It’s not that I wouldn’t recommend others. But as a critic, I’m not very critical, so i just thought I’d list the highest.

  7. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang: Hong Sisters’ first drama.
    It’s really good but as it was my first, so it has a special place for me 🙂

  8. Wow I’ve only watched a few dramas, and I stumbled upon your blog after watching iljimae. Thanks for all the recs. I’m happy to find this wealth of information.

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