Min Hyo Rin turns into a bride, making Dodo want to wear ze dresses!

Is today “tease endodo and make her covet dresses” day? Gosh, these dresses. I wants. I wantssssss! (And the shoes, accessories, and jewelry that come along with dresses too!)

When she’s not filming for Romance Town, Min Hyo Rin is keeping herself busy by modeling for magazines and name brands. Continue reading


More released stills from RT Episode 10 and some BTS clips

Wheeeeeeee!!! See, this is why study breaks are awesome! I don’t have much except for these few stills from Romance Town 10 — well actually, that’s a lie. I’m choosing not to post more about Romance Town tonight, and will have a bigger post ready tomorrow when something I’m waiting for arrives. On the other hand, look at the BTS clips for episodes 8-10, particularly one of interest is how they shot the kissing scene for episodes 8 and 9.

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Min Hyo Rin Is Ready For Summer

Edit: I added two more photos from the shoot below. 

This girl is simply gorgeous! Gah, I love these stills from a photoshoot she recently did. The more I look at her, the more she looks like a human-sized doll to me. Though we didn’t get a chance to see much of her in last week’s episodes for Romance Town, Min Hyo Rin is nonetheless working hard by showcasing herself in summer dresses for Ceci Campus.

I’m seriously astounded by how beautiful and charming she looks. Needless to say, I want to buy the featured dresses she’s wearing for this shoot. It’s just too bad that I already went on a shopping spree last week, so no new dresses and clothes for me until next month! Meanwhile, I’ll continue to stare at these photos and covet what’s not mine.

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Romance Town Episode 8 Spoiler Photos

Wheeeeeee! My stalking has paid off! I’ve come to share with you the spoiler photos for episode 8 that are hot off the press! I’m happy to say that there seems to be more revelations in 7 and 8, folks! Are you ready to see ze photos? I know I sound hyper right now. Just be glad you can’t actually hear me through the screen. Oh, and I understand that I have yet to publish my commentary for episode 6. In case you’ve been waiting for it, it’ll be up shortly…today… or tomorow. Hopefully. Let’s just say sometime in the near future, alright?

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Romance Town, How I Love Thee: A First Impressions Post

Romance Town is soon becoming not only the most addicting drama for me in May, but perhaps one of my favorites for the year. It also reminds me of Playful Kiss in a lot of ways, and not for the reasons you’re thinking of right now. Playful Kiss may be a drama that many hate, love, or are indifferent to, but for me, it’s a drama that I can easily talk about with anyone, either on paper or over the phone. Romance Town is then very similar in that regard, which is a really good thing in my books. Continue reading