The 2011 year-end review that couldn’t write itself

As has been said by many already, this year was a rough year for Kdramas. We saw a lot of piss poor, mediocre crap — even more so than the last three years – and also less than a handful of dramas that stood above the rest. For the most part, I was sorely disappointed with what I watched this year, despite being quite selective in what chose to watch, and even more nitpicky about which dramas I chose to finish. Call it the year that I turned into Oscar the Grouch or whatever, but there were certain moments throughout this year that I almost forgot why I loved Korean dramas in the first place. I almost lost the passion I had for dramas. It wasn’t until after I took a break and watched a few mind-blowing oldies that my interest was revived again. Continue reading


Romance Town Episode 13 spoiler photos and preview

I’m crazy, I know. Maybe I’m hopelessly addicted to this drama or I just like looking at all the pretties (*cough* Jung Kyeo Woon *cough*), but I couldn’t help but sneak a post in right before I head off to the airport. And yeah, I can hear my parents calling out and yelling at me to get into the car right now. Must. Type. Faster!

Thank you all so very much for your comments of well wishes for my journey. Each comment put a huge smile on my face. I’ll try to update y’all on my journey and post a few photos here and there. Anyway, without further ado, here are the photos for the upcoming episode!

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Musings on Romance Town Episodes 8-12

Since I’m behind on my commentary, I thought I should just talk about all the episodes I’ve seen thus far, and try to catch up with the series. This isn’t going to be a gigantic post, though, and I’ll try to keep my thoughts brief.

Romance Town is interesting in that it’s a show I enjoy and really like, but there are several factors that keep it from becoming an awesome drama that I love. And based on the poll, it seems as if a lot of you feel the same way. At this point, it also seems to be another one of those dramas I may watch once, but never want to rewatch later on because it’s not a drama that I could probably watch a second time and still enjoy it.

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Romance Town Episode 12 Preview and more stills

Awww, so adorables!

I know what some of you are thinking. Too much Romance Town stuff and not enough posts on other dramas, Dodo! Sorries, it’s not that I’m so obsessed about Romance Town that I’ve forgotten about other dramas that I’ve written about before such as Miss Ripley, Best Love, or Manny; rather, I’m literally swamped with so much work right now that I’m finding it hard to focus on more than one drama at the moment. I promise that reviews and recaps (I swear I haven’t forgotten my Lord of the Rings recaps) will be coming more consistently in the upcoming months.

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Romance Town Episode 11 Spoiler Photos

I’m not sure if some of these are from Episode 10 or whether these are just a few more random BTS stills, so you’ll have to forgive me if these have already been shown in the previous episode because I still have yet to finish watching episode 10. Today is a pretty crazy, stressful day for me so I can’t linger here for long. I’m just going to post these and resume working on all the crap I have to do in real life. Sighhhhh. I need a vacation. Continue reading