WTF, So Ji Sub?!?

Here she was, a good little dodo who was busy studying for her final tomorrow. Then she clicked on a link her drama friends sent her and could no longer concentrate. In a matter of minutes, all the terms she had memorized were instantaneously replaced with the chorus of “Daegawa, Daegawa.” What is sad is that here we have So Ji Sub who is completely 100% serious about his rapping in “Pick Up Line” when it’s blatantly obvious that 1) The song sucks, 2) The rap lyrics are a pathetic, and 3) It should have been made into a parody.

For once in my life, I feel blessed that I can’t understand the Korean lyrics or else I’d probably go crazy. The only redeeming quality about this video is seeing more of So Ji Sub. Yes, yes. I could be much more snarky but seeing him in that white suit and sunglasses? Yummy. Um, but then the camera pans to those skanky girls shaking their butts. Blegh.

This must be a joke. This must be a joke. This is not reality. This is a dream and I shall wake up tomorrow and find out that So Ji Sub didn’t make a MV like this. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Ahem. Take a look at that MV if you need a laugh. Make sure you’ve got some Q-tips and eyewash nearby. You’re gonna need them.


4 thoughts on “WTF, So Ji Sub?!?

  1. It’s horrendous. Cannot take another look at it.
    I’m slowly coming to terms that Ji Sub has limitations. Comedy just isn’t his thing. Poor guy.

    • I have never seen SJS in a comedy before; I’ve only seen him in melodramas. Has he ever starred in a comedy before? I could picture him in one as long as it doesn’t turn out like Road No. 1. *shudders*

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